Thursday, November 22, 2007


Another holiday come and almost gone. As I think about Thankgiving, I remember celebrating it as a kid with my family in Chicago. The holiday was always abou seeing grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. Since High school started, thanksgiving wasn't really something that was celebrated much other than getting off school. So here I am today on another holiday. I ended up at my dad's for some good food. It was definately a good meal. So as I sit now, thinking about the next celebrations (my bday and Christmas), I am trying to figure out what is the point of today. I know it is an American holiday, but Thanksgiving. What does this holiday mean in my life? Nothing really, these past few years at least. But being a Christian, giving thanks is an important part of the Christian walk. So I wanted to make a list of things I am thankful for... (and there are many more things besides just this list)

*All my friends and family
*The sacrifice of Christ that keeps me going each day
*Opportunities to travel and share my faith
*People who support me in what I do
*A great education
*A cute white Kitty named Charlie!
*Cute kids to play with
*many more things, but I am getting really tired.....

And I am petting a cute kitty!

I want to put more pictures hopefully I will have time to put some more up soon!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Bummer!

Bummer! I was deleting my old blogs, and I deleted the start of this one! So here I am starting over again!
(This picture is from our first women's time this year!)

Midterms are finally over for me, but I still have a ton of projects to do. Senioritis is definately hitting me. Today I decided to take a personal day, which meant skipping some classes. Ooops!

So these past few weeks I have been focusing on discipling three women. It has been a really great experience. I love investing my life in what God is doing in their lives. They are all three very different women, so it has been fun trying to figure out what God is wanting me to do to help grow them. I went sharing on campus yesterday in my old dorm, and it made me miss being around freshman, as crazy as that sounds! But it was fun to get to know girls, and I have an appointment tomorrow to share the gospel with a girl. It really is great just to get out there and talk to people about spiritual issuses and see where people are at.

I also still love leading the women's leadership Bible Study. These women are so precious and I see their hearts in the right places. Last night for our study we just shared how their studies are going and stuff in their personal life. It was good to hear their struggles and fears. Megan and I have some things up our sleeves to try and encourage them within this next couple of weeks!

Well, Law and Order SVU is on, so I need to pay attention! My stress reliever of my weeks!